Friday, June 23, 2006

Meet our lifestyle columnist Fon Browndy

Its not everyday you meet a fun interesting bubbly individual like Fon Browndy, our social life columnist.

So who is Fon?

Fon is a Cambridge graduate who studied Anthropology. As well as having brains she has an exceptionally witty writing style set to keep you wanted to read more.

Below is just a sample of one of her fun witty articles.

To Islington and Beyond...

Those of you who know me well will be astonished to hear that this weekend I ventured out of the Goth, Emo and Punk filled streets of Camden Town and hopped over to Angel for a slice of Islington life.

Following our journey through the filthy and strangely empty streets of Chapel Market after dark, we managed to make it passed the guerrillas on the door of an interesting establishment called 'Elbow Rooms'. The cheerful £2 entrance fee and warm greeting from the second row of guerrillas marked the beginning of our initiation into a whole new world...

A world where 'classy' is defined by a bar illuminated with lilac lamps and quirky bar staff. Seating areas littered with rectangular mirrors and navy blue tiles. A world where women are not afraid to display their love handles and stretch marks and men not ashamed to rock their scuffed, dated Gucci loafers and checked Next shirts! A world wear tarts, Chavs and serious RnB and Hip Hop fans dance and sweat side by side… This place truly is amazing!

Reflectively I find it amusing how every now and again something or someone will come along and completely change your opinions and/or perception of reality, for example the similarities between Elbow Rooms and Bada Bing... yeah that strip club from the Sopranos is really quite striking. I was half expecting topless women to arrive in their clear heels and layers of unflattering make-up at any moment! The amount of non-shalont young guns asserting their prowess way passed their bed times made me wonder why the legal drinking age in this country is still 18?

Elbow Rooms is a pleasantly spacious meat market – great for entertaining guests! However handing over £8 for use of the pool table for an hour and £5.40 for a double Vodka lime and lemonade to the nice but somewhat over-enthusiastic barman (who incidentally closely resembled Clark Kent) did leave us feeling a little cheated, considering liquor in run down Camden pubs is a little cheaper, as are the pool games.

However, despite this rather harsh critique, the music was excellent and so was the atmosphere. The DJ's lively, commercial beats more than compensated for our financial losses. The night ended with a bad rendition of Pussy Cat Dolls "Dontcha", me pole dancing round a pool cue and an estranged American girl stripping for kicks…

And you thought Camden was bad?

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