Sunday, April 16, 2006

North London's new fashion and lifestyle magazine

8 July will see the launch of a new bi-monthly fashion and lifestlye magazine aimed at women living in North London. The title of the magazine will be 'La Geneve North'.

The magazine's mission is " to inform and entertain local fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts through presenting them with an exciting mix of high quality fashion and lifestyle content”.

La Geneve North will be written by a number of experienced fashion and lifestyle writers, delivering rich editorial pieces.

The magazine is set to reach a modern influential target of women aged 19-35 who fall within the ABC1 Category. Their Primary interests include fashion, beauty and living a contemporary lifestyle. Our target readership are constantly seeking information on products and services.

La Geneve North magazine will reflect the essence of the everyday fashion enthusiast woman , thus moving away from a predominantly celebrity focused editorial.

The magazine will feature a variety of informative and interesting features to engage their readers. The high content and quality will mean readers are likely to keep their copies to refer to them time and time again.

The look of the magazine is simple with an easy-to-read typeface. Although predominantly North London based, the magazine is set to extend as far as Coventry and Derby.

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