Monday, December 11, 2006

Our New Year, New You fashion shoot!

“It’s As Cold as Ice” - By Yolande Letshou

So yesterday we shot the cover for our up and coming issue themed "New Year, New You" at London's Butlers Wharf.
The photographer was Pete Warburton, the make-up artist was Charlotte Barry and the model was off course the stunning Sharika Wells.

Charlotte making full use of available light

One word to describe this shoot would have to be "Icy"
It was freezing cold and despite the layering my toes still froze :(
But in return the shots were fantastic and well worth freezing my butt off for :)

The team worked really well together and Charlotte Barry’s expertise touch really enabled us to achieve the looks we wanted from the shoot.

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Pete was a patient and down to earth photographer really getting down and into the shoot. Last but not least I have to congratulate our amazing model, Sharika Wells, for braving it in the cold. She looked absolutely stunning and we often had to wonder whether she was actually feeling the cold as she held it together really well J

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